Volty Nxt Energy

Pioneer in providing Energy-Efficient EV charging solutions for all Electric Vehicles.

Proven Charger Efficiency

Our chargers are enabled with fast and slow charging, this allows the full potential use of
the battery capacity.

Price Affordability

Our chargers are optimized for best performance
and are very affordable.


Our products work for multiple types of batteries viz, Lead Acid, VRLA, LiON, LiFP. They also have a wide voltage range upto 90v.

Safety Tested Charger

Our chargers have an auto cut-off to prevent over-voltage, short circuits, etc.

Our Products

Our Leading-Edge Services In Ev Series Battery Chargers Can Improve Your Vehicle’S Performance With Cost-Effective Battery Technologies.


Product features

“We have a range of PRODUCTS that can solve your requirements.”

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